A local funeral service is taking caring for its community to the next level. Not only are they caring for families who have recently been bereaved, they are making a conscious effort to make a difference to the environment for generations to come.

Lilies Funeral Directors of Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham have become carbon neutral by partnering with Carbon Neutral Britain. Together they are ensuring at least 30 trees a month are planted which removes 20 tonnes of CO2 each year.

The 5-year-old funeral home continues to help its community outside of their normal duties. Since opening the team at Lilies have run a Marathon and other shorter runs, abseiled down a hotel in Birmingham and continued to raise money for local charities such as John Taylor Hospice.

This new partnership is in honour of all the families that the local funeral home care for. A statement from the owner, Lee Solomon;

“Each tree helps our environment, but we want to make each tree planted that little bit more special, we want each tree we plant to represent a loved one we have cared for.

As a local company we want to make sure we are constantly improving our service to our families and our community. We are extremely proud of all the reviews we get from our families and making partnerships like this one is our way of thanking them for being so kind, we will continue to think of ways we can do more to help.”

Carbon Neutral Britain™ is the UKs Leading Carbon Offsetting Initiative. A quote from their website;

“Our mission is to become the leading Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Britain to tackle the Climate Change Crisis by educating and providing voluntary carbon offsetting to all – from individual subscriptions, charities and organisations – to businesses of all sizes.

Founded in 2020, due to overwhelming support the organisation has rapidly expanded, with our new headquarters based in Central London. So far our projects have already offset over 500,000 Tonnes of CO² and planted over 3 million Trees, helping stop climate change and providing essential forest habitats for endangered wildlife.”

If you would like to know more about Lilies partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, please get in touch with Lilies on 0121 321 3446 or email@liliesfunerals.com.


Carbon Neutral Funeral Directors

Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham funeral director Lilies Funeral Directors has been named one of the UK’s best funeral directors following an assessment visit by the Good Funeral Guide, an independent funeral consumer advocacy organisation.

In its review of Lilies Funeral Directors the Good Funeral Guide says:

“Their reviews and testimonies on Google are all five-star reviews, with clients constantly referencing how the pair had gone the extra mile, how nothing is too much trouble, and their compassion and professionalism.”

Find the full review here:

The Good Funeral Guide assesses select funeral homes according to strict criteria which focus on the quality of the experience they offer to bereaved people.

Lilies Funeral Directors has been inspected to ensure that clients are treated with courtesy, listened to with empathy, offered a full range of choice, charged fairly and empowered to play whatever part they want in creating a send-off for the person they have lost which accords with their values and wishes.

The accreditation process also involved spending time behind the scenes in order to ascertain that those who have died are cared for with the utmost tenderness and respect.

Fran Hall, CEO of the Good Funeral Guide says: “Choosing a funeral director can be very difficult because often they all look much the same. But they’re not. Some, a precious few, are truly outstanding, and Lilies Funeral Directors is one of them.

“The team at Lilies Funeral Directors are unsung heroes doing a magnificent job, and the people of Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham deserve to know this. Bereaved people need to do their very best for their loved one who has died. They deserve the very best funeral director.”

Lee Solomon says: “We are extremely proud to receive this accolade. Knowing our hard work and commitment to our families has been recognised and applauded by an organisation who strive to make the funeral industry better, leaves me very emotional.”

the Good Funeral Guide 2020

the Good Funeral Guide 2020

We at Lilies Funeral Directors feel we need to do our part in serving our community during the current circumstances, we have sat down and discussed how best we can help our community of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and surrounding areas and we believe ensuring you know what options are available to you as well as offering additional services is the best way to help.

We understand our community have different views towards the current situation, some will be extremely worried and some will think there is nothing to worry about but we can’t be sure that everyone attending or who wants to attend a funeral service will be thinking the same way.

We have had families already asking if the crematoriums or churches will be canceling funeral services, at this moment in time there are restriction on the amount of people aloud to attend a service. Although funeral services are still going ahead we are aware there will be people who are self isolating who will be upset they can’t attend a funeral services, there will also be people who want to stay away from large gatherings. For these people the following options are available;

Option 1: Webcasts

A number of our local crematoriums have webcast functionality, meaning there is a website where you can login to watch the funeral service that is being cast. This will allow people who can’t or don’t want to leave their homes to still be able to watch and experience the funeral service they couldn’t attend. Webcasts vary in prices from service chapel to service chapel, if you would like information about this please call and we can talk to you about your local crematorium webcasting services.

Option 2: Video Recordings

As some service chapels will not have webcast functionality, we are providing a video recording service for our families during this time. We are offering this service in chapels such as churches and crematoriums or cemetery chapels that do not have webcast services available, this enables you to share the funeral service with people who were unable to attend. If you would like more information on video recording a funeral service, please call 0121 321 3446.

Latest Information

We will keep you posted but you can rest assured we will be doing everything we can to ensure the smooth running of our care and services – we will still be available 24/7 for our families.