CMA Funeral Report

The CMA – Conduct and Marketing Authority – completed an interim report following a Market Study into the funerals sector 6 months ago.

Its initial findings show above inflation price rises for well over a decade in both mainly large corporate funeral companies and crematoria services. The scale of these price rises does not currently appear to be justified by cost increases or quality improvements.

Some of it’s finding are;

  • Families spend between £3,000 and £5,000 organising a funeral.
  • Families could save over £1,000 by looking at a range of choices in their local area. However, people organising a funeral are usually distressed and often not in a position to do this – making it easier for some funeral directors to charge higher prices. Prices are also often not available online, making it difficult to compare options.
  • While some independent funeral directors have kept their prices low, the larger chains such as Co Op Funeral Care, Dignity and Funeral Partners have consistently increased prices year-on-year. The CMA’s evidence also indicates most people who organise a funeral remain extremely vulnerable to exploitation and future rises in charges.
  • Cremations account for 77% of funerals, yet there are limited choices for most people in their local area and fees charged by crematoria have increased by 84% on average in the past 10 years, more than 3 times the rate of inflation.

The findings of this report are quite scary for families that didn’t know this information, and we are sad reading this report as we here at Lilies have not increased our prices since we opened. Our simple funeral including all cremation fees at Sandwell Crematorium comes in well below the average funeral cost at only £2,555.00, we believe families need to be helped and cared for at such a difficult time – not ripped off.

We are proudly mentioned in the Financial Mail on Sunday by Jeff Prestridge who has also written about this report, you can read his article on the Mail on Sunday’s Website –

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