We at Lilies Funeral Directors feel we need to do our part in serving our community during the current circumstances, we have sat down and discussed how best we can help our community of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and surrounding areas and we believe ensuring you know what options are available to you as well as offering additional services is the best way to help.

We understand our community have different views towards the current situation, some will be extremely worried and some will think there is nothing to worry about but we can’t be sure that everyone attending or who wants to attend a funeral service will be thinking the same way.

We have had families already asking if the crematoriums or churches will be canceling funeral services, at this moment in time there are restriction on the amount of people aloud to attend a service. Although funeral services are still going ahead we are aware there will be people who are self isolating who will be upset they can’t attend a funeral services, there will also be people who want to stay away from large gatherings. For these people the following options are available;

Option 1: Webcasts

A number of our local crematoriums have webcast functionality, meaning there is a website where you can login to watch the funeral service that is being cast. This will allow people who can’t or don’t want to leave their homes to still be able to watch and experience the funeral service they couldn’t attend. Webcasts vary in prices from service chapel to service chapel, if you would like information about this please call and we can talk to you about your local crematorium webcasting services.

Option 2: Video Recordings

As some service chapels will not have webcast functionality, we are providing a video recording service for our families during this time. We are offering this service in chapels such as churches and crematoriums or cemetery chapels that do not have webcast services available, this enables you to share the funeral service with people who were unable to attend. If you would like more information on video recording a funeral service, please call 0121 321 3446.

Latest Information

We will keep you posted but you can rest assured we will be doing everything we can to ensure the smooth running of our care and services – we will still be available 24/7 for our families.