Flowers or Donations, What is your preference?

Flowers or Donations, What is your preference?

There seems to have been a slow change in the tradition of given or sending flowers to show your respects at a funeral, the popular option now is to giving money to a charity in memory of a loved one.

Lilies Funeral Directors have been investigating this trend and are amazed that over the past 12 months, from June 2018 to June 2019, all the families that have asked for donations in leu of flowers have collectively raised over twenty-five thousand pounds – £25,094.35 to be exact.

These charities range from larger national charities such as British Heart Foundation or Cancer Research to the smaller local charities like John Taylor Hospice who have seen a massive £4534.40 in donations from families Lilies Funeral Directors have cared for.

john taylor hospice funeral directorThe team at Lilies asked a number of family members about giving flowers at funerals and they found that flowers are seen to be a very personal gift, a personal gift like this is usually kept for close family members but there are small groups of people that have said they will always give flowers as it is their personal choice and is what they prefer to do.

Donations seem to be becoming the more popular choice when it comes to showing your respect at funerals. Making a donation is a very kind deed to carry out at such a sad time, and if one funeral director is collecting this vast amount of donations it would be amazing to know the total amount of donations collected at funerals for charities across the UK.