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Funerals for Children – No Fee!

Lilies Declare No Charge For Under 18’s

Funerals for children is a horrible subject to talk about, as we are a family run and independent funeral home we are devastated when we care for someone who has gone to soon. No parent or guardian should have to go through losing a child, we here at Lilies Funeral Directors try to do as much as we can to help and make this time go as smoothly as possible.

There are many ways we help from a professional and personal point, we supply families with all the relevant child bereavement information and charities who offer bereavement care as well as making ourselves available out of hours to support the family as much as we can at this terrible time.

children's coffin by Lilies Funeral Directors in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham

The other way we offer support to our families which I have not mentioned yet is by no charging a penny for our services, this is to anyone under the age of 18. If a child passes away and they have not yet reached their 18th Birthday, we will provide all of our professional services, a coffin and a hearse or limousine totally free of charge as we do not want to add the stress of a financial burden to an already devastating time.

If you need any help, support or information on this matter, please call our funeral homes in Sutton Coldfield or Birmingham on 0121 321 3446.