Can your pre-payment plan work harder for you?

A pre payment plan is a great way to plan for your funeral, not only does it take the financial burden off the shoulders of your loved ones but it ensures you go out in the way you wish. The question we are now asking is, is your current plan giving you the most value […]

Planning for your funeral

“The average cost of a standard cremation funeral today (including a hearse, 1 limousine, 4 bearers, and associated 3rd party fees), is around £3500.” Source: the National Federation of Funeral Directors. This average cost is at today’s price, AgeUK have estimated the standard cremation funeral in 10 years will cost £4,620.00. If you aren’t planning […]

Lilies Opening Ceremony – 12th March ’16

A crowd gathered on the morning of Saturday 12th March for the grand opening ceremony of Lilies Funeral Directors in New Oscott, Sutton Coldfield. There stood proudly were 2 beautiful white horses and accompanying hearse, the entrance was framed by white doves presented in elegant display cages. The managing director of the National Federation of […]

What To Do If Your Loved One Dies At Home

We understand it is an overwhelming experience if a loved one dies at home, as not many people have gone through this experience they often do not know what to do first. Lilies Funeral Directors in Sutton Coldfield is here to help you when you need us, here is a guide for what you need […]

If A Loved One Dies In Hospital

We at Lilies Funeral Directors in Sutton Coldfield want to help as much as we possibly can, this is why we want to tell you what will happen if a loved one dies in Hospital. If a loved one dies in hospital; Your loved one will be taken to the hospital mortuary. Call the Hospital’s Bereavement Office to […]

The Road To Opening!

For you who have been following our Lilies Funeral Directors Facebook Page and giving us loads of support, thank you! All those kind words got us through the long hours of painting and the late nights clearing, cleaning, tidying. All our hard work was worth it because now we have a beautiful Funeral Home which […]

Welcome to Lilies Funeral Directors

Firstly, thank you for visiting Lilies Funeral Directors website and taking the time to read this post. To give you a bit of background information, Nathan and Lee have been friends since a few months old as they grew up on the same street. Being life long friends they have always dreamed of going into […]