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Online Memorials

Everyone likes to remember their loved ones in different ways, some like a traditional stone memorial, some like to scatter a loved ones ashes in a personal place and some like to keep their loved ones ashes in a beautiful urn in their home.

We would like to add to the ways a loved one can be remembered where ever you may be so we have set up online memorials on our website, this is a personal page devoted to the memory of your loved one.

On your loved one’s online memorial you can show the funeral service details, select a charity for people to make online donations, add photos, videos and stories of their life and light candles in memory. Families have said this helps because it is a stress free way to tell people about the funeral details, they don’t have to worry about sending the donations off to a charity and it is lovely reading through and looking at the stories and photos shared by their loved one’s friends and family.

We are offering to set up an online memorial page for everyone and anyone that would like one, you don’t have to have used Lilies Funerals for their funeral service. If you are raising money for a charity in memory of a loved one, this page is a great platform to use.

Our Online Memorials

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