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Pre and Post Funeral Catering & Hospitality

Pre and Post Funeral Hospitality & Catering

Lilies Funeral Directors understand that some families would like extra support on the day of their loved one’s funeral, it is a hard day and having an experienced member of our team around to help can go a long way.

Pre-Funeral Hospitality

On the day of your loved one’s funeral there is a lot to think about, a day when many are not able to or do not really want to think about anything apart from saying goodbye to their loved one.

The service we provide tries to make such a hard day go smoother and hopefully makes it feel that little easier for you as well.

What our Pre-Funeral Hospitality Entails;

  • A member of our team will arrive at your home an hour before the funeral hearse and limousine(s) arrives
  • We will open the door and greet family and friends
  • We will make refreshments for family and friends
  • We will handle any floral arrangements ready for when the hearse arrives
  • We will handle any last-minute requests you may have


Post Funeral Catering & Hospitality

Following your loved one’s funeral, we offer an at home funeral catering service. We work very closely with an amazing catering company that with the help of our team, will set up a choice of buffet options and serve refreshments.

Buffets options start from simple sandwiches and range through to elegant afternoon teas, there is no minimum or maximum order value enabling you to invite and cater for a desired amount of family and friends.

When talking to us about your loved one’s funeral, if our Pre or Post Funeral Catering & Hospitality is of interest please do ask for more details.

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