American Casket Funeral

American Casket Funeral Service £3,495

Our American Casket Service comprises of everything you need for an elegant funeral service plus the finer details which make it a day to remember, the additional items included;

a new Jaguar Limousine, a 4ft floral spray, 100 order of service, and a choice of wooden American Caskets. This service includes;

  • Our Professional Services for arranging and conducting an American Casket Funeral Service
  • Conveyance of the Deceased into our Funeral Home from place of death
  • Care of the Deceased
  • Preparation and Dressing of the Deceased
  • Arrangements and Paperwork completed for the funeral
  • Choice of American Caskets
  • Viewing in our private chapel of rest
  • A Jaguar Hearse
  • One Jaguar Limousine
  • Funeral Director and Bearer Team
  • Flowers a 4ft Coffin Spray
  • 100 x Order of Service (4 page)
  • Temporary Grave Marker
  • Crematorium/Church/Burial Fees Not Included
  • Doctors Fees Not Included
  • Minister Fees Not Included

Disbursements and 3rd Party Fees

Disbursements and 3rd Party charges are for items, services and products not provided by Lilies Funeral Directors but being paid for by Lilies on your behalf. An example of Disbursements or 3rd Party Charges are the Crematorium Fee, Burial Fee, Minister / Celebrant Fee, Doctors Fee and Church Fee.

Example Costs For An American Casket Funeral Service

American Casket Cremation Funeral

Funeral Package £3,495.00
Sutton Crematorium £814.00
Doctors £164.00
Minister £193.00

Total £4,666.00

American Casket Burial Funeral

Funeral Package £3,495.00
Church charges vary
Grave & Burial costs vary depending on the cemetery and grave age

Total £3,495.00 + Church/Grave/Burial Charges