Shenstone 10K

Running 10,000 meters in 29-degree heat pushing twins around in a pushchair on a Sunday doesn’t sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but Lee Solomon and his wife Niqui did just that on Sunday 8th July 2018 to raise money and awareness for John Taylor Hospice.

It was the Shenstone 10k Fun Run on Sunday 8th July, the race started at 11:00am and the local crowds gathered to cheers on the hundreds of people who took part. People from all walks of life, all age groups and abilities took on the scenic route around the beautiful Shenstone countryside.

Lee Solomon, his wife Niqui and twin baby boys, Alexander and Theodore (aged 5 months) gathered on the starting line after hours of preparing milk and formula, nappies, clothes, sun cream, wipes, bottles and finally water to make sure all 4 of them would get around the course without an issue.

Last year Lee Solomon was named Ambassador of the Year by John Taylor Hospice for the number of events he took part in and money raised, events such as the Birmingham Marathon, a 150 ft abseil, the summer 10k wolf run as well as volunteering at the hospice before his weekends were taken up by babies.

This was the first event Lee has taken part in since Lee and his wife Niqui had their twin boys and he was very keen to get them involved. Lee said “pushing the boys 10k was hard, the heat made it harder but the level of support from fellow runners and the crowds made it so worth it!”, Lee said he is keen to run more with the boys.

Lee wanted to give a massive thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped to make the Shenstone Fun Run such an amazing event, even the local scout group were out giving out water.

If you can donate, please do!