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Water Cremation

Water Cremation or Resomation

Is There A Need For Change?

Water cremation will be an alternative to flame cremation and burial. Giving people a new choice, an environmentally friendly option that offers a natural process using water instead of flames.

resomation water cremation

“Over 135 years ago flame cremation offered fundamental change in the way we approached human disposition and some serious convincing was required before it was fully accepted. Water cremation now offers a new, innovative yet dignified approach which uses significantly less energy and emits significantly less greenhouse gasses than flame cremation. We are once again on the cusp of revolutionising the funeral industry with the chance to provide the public with an environmental alternative at the end of life” Sandy Sullivan, Founder and Director of Resomation Ltd

Lee Solomon, Co-Owner at Lilies Funeral Directors, was asked to talk about this new way to say goodbye by Caroline Martin from BBC WM, here is the clip of his interview.

Water Cremation is currently not available in the UK, it will be available at Rowley Regis Crematorium but a date is unknown.

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