What if I live far away?

What to do if you live out of the area when your loved one dies.

As our generations evolve, the location of where we live can vastly and easily change from year to year. It is becoming more and more common that we move away from where we grew up, we move away from where our parents live, or our parents move away to retire. We do not think about this whilst our loved ones are healthy, but when, for example, Mum, Dad or Grandma gets sick it becomes a huge worry.

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Some families are lucky and can move relatives in with them or can rotate the care of their loved ones with family members, some unfortunately are not as lucky. For the families that cannot provide care, the options are limited to a care/nursing home or home carers who visit periodically.

When a loved one is ill, and you are not in the area there is a worry of ‘What do I do if they die?’. Unfortunately, there is no magical few words we can say to make this situation better, we really wish there were, but there are actions we can put in place to help.

We are based in Sutton Coldfield, from our central location we cover all of England and Wales. Knowing our funeral home is easily accessible reassures families that no matter where they live or move to, we are available to help. We will travel anywhere, and we will only charge between £50 to £100 if the distance is over 80 miles.

There are two options we can provide to help families that live in different locations.

  • Free Funeral Plan
  • Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Free Funeral Plan

Our Free Funeral Plan is a letter confirming all the details for your relative’s funeral, this can be as detailed as you wish, even choosing what music is to be played. We will confirm we will bring your loved one into our care and where the funeral is to take place. We will communicate every step with you via telephone, face to face or through video conferencing/zoom.

A copy of this letter can be given to your relative’s carers, next of kin, solicitors, and anyone else you feel may need it. The cost of the funeral service will be quoted at the time of the funeral, you can see our current funeral prices here (we have never increased our prices) https://www.liliesfunerals.com/prices-packages/.

This letter puts a plan in place. It helps relieve some stress from an exceedingly difficult time.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans take away both the financial burden of paying for a funeral when the funeral plan is needed, and the stress of making the funeral arrangements. You can select from a variety of plans or have a plan tailored to your exact requirements.

Your money is paid directly into our funeral plan provider’s secure account, this is an independent financial fund governed by independent trustees. This strict governance ensures your money is safe and growing with interest to beat the rising cost of crematoriums and cemeteries.

You can see details of our funeral plans here: https://www.liliesfunerals.com/pre-paid-funeral-plans/

Once a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is taken out your plan will be processed and a confirmation letter, a certificate and pack will be sent to you detailing everything in writing. We advise you give a copy of the confirmation letter and certificate to a next of kin, carer, and solicitor to ensure this plan is accessible when it is needed.

A Pre-Paid Funeral puts a plan in place. It helps relieve the financial burden and some of the stress at an exceedingly difficult time.

We know we are not the people you want to be calling. From our experience, we know we can make a time when our services are needed a lot smoother from having prior planning in place. For more information on both the above options, please give Lilies Funeral Directors a call on 0121 321 3446 or email email@liliesfunerals.com